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Charlotte Higgins, chief arts writer of the Guardian newspaper, spoke to the breakfast club about two summers worth of travel around some of the well-known Roman sites in Britain, and some of the lesser known.

Charlotte gave such an enjoyable talk about her travels, which will all contribute to her new book which she is currently taking leave from her guardian post to write.

She told us that her first foray into Roman Britain was on a school trip, where she was much more interested in the Roman toilets than anything else. I think I agree with her in the way she said that Roman Britain can be one of those subject areas which are perhaps not the most…exciting. However, the way she presented her travels with such genuine passion meant she infected the rest of the group with her inspirational talk.

Charlotte discussed some of the research she was doing for her book, including some of the more antiquated history books she used in her study. She said it was more interesting to look into other people’s opinions of Brittania and what happened during the Roman rule of Brittania that to come up with her own – I can see what she means, as that sort of becomes a history in itself – the history of the historical thought.

There are lots of books and maps you can get to plan your journey around the sites of Roman Britain. I know that her talk really inspired me to do something like this one day: she showed lots of pictures of some familiar sites, and some odd bits of rubble dotted around the UK – things at the side of the motorway, or in a random farmer’s field…that element of the trip sounded more fun than, say, walking Hadrian’s wall (which I’m ashamed to admit I have never viewed!). Might have to start planning my summer hols…

All that talk of Hadrian’s wall made me remember that I had purchased ‘The Eagle‘ on DVD and never watched it, so that is now my Saturday afternoon plan.

Ooh, and the other exciting thing about her talk was that I previously contacted her on twitter to sign my books of hers and she did! – I have got copies of ‘it’s all Greek to me’ and ‘Latin love lessons’, and I thought I’d post pictures of this below to make you all jealous. Mwahaha.

It's all Greek to meLatin love lessons

It’s half term! Therefore there is no AWBC next week, so no post – look out for some more in a couple of week’s time!