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It’s a busy week Classics-wise for me!
Tomorrow we are taking a group of sixthformers (pretty much the same ones as went to the Aeneid conference today) to the UCL production of Hippolytus (info here).

I feel a little bit of a traitor as I went to KCL for my PGCE and usually go there for their Greek play – last year I went with some of my Greek GCSE students to the KCL production of Helen as we were studying it for their Verse Lit paper. It was very good: some excellent Greek speakers, though the surtitles were out of sync a little – I was impressed that my Greek students spotted this!

Anyway, this year it’s Hippolytus, and in English…

What’s good about this is that there is a lecture beforehand: the one tomorrow is “The gods in Hippolytus” given by Professor Judith Mossman of the University of Nottingham.

I have so much marking to do before the half term holiday, I hope that this doesn’t put me further behind…but I’m looking forward to it.

See you there if you’re going!