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Sabratha Theatre in Tripoli

I love twitter! It is such a brilliant way of hearing about events, sites, news, etc. I am planning on doing a post of my favourite Classical twitterers (?) soon, but I felt I must tell you about this exciting event which I heard about from twitter.

KCL are hosting numerous academics on Saturday, 18th of February to ‘celebrate the historical and cultural importance of Libya’. I mentioned in my school trips post that Libya would be a great place for a school trip (in the future) due to the richness of its heritage, and that fact that it has some of the oldest Roman ruins in the world. I know that KCL did a lecture on the cultural heritage of Libya back in December but I was unable to attend. I have already booked my ticket for this event – book yours before 15th February here, where you can also view the full timetable of the day. Tickets are £25 including lunch, but £15 discounts available (as an alumna I am thrilled about that!).

Let me know if you’re going – see you there!