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They say that when you start a new school you need to make sure you don’t offer to do too many things on top of your crazy workload…

A few months ago I offered to organise the next school trip for the first week of October half term this year. It might sound a bit crazy, particularly as being a new school there is obviously a whole lot of new procedures to learn, plus figuring out whom you’re meant to talk to about what. My reasoning behind doing it is that I started to organise a trip to Rome last year at my old school, not knowing at that point that I was going to be leaving. So I never managed to see that trip through and I think it will be good for me to do, good experience really.

I am desperate to try another school trip besides Italy and Greece. At a recent OCR conference I met a few other teachers who had done Sicily and Turkey, and I would love to have taken trips there. You can probably guess already that we’ve decided against them. They’re sooo expensive! With Turkey of course you have to pay for all site entry which really bumps up the cost. When I went on a cruise last summer, I visited Sicily and was stunned by the view of Segesta. I have sadly lost my pictures of Segesta but here is one I found online:

Segesta - only a small part of the complex

There is also a lovely theatre with a beautiful view all around. I’ve also been to Cartagena and there are so many ruins there, interestingly most are underground as the Spaniards decided to just build their modern cities on top of the ruins. Cartagena is great outside of a school trip also, I couldn’t recommend it enough, particularly as you can get round all of the sites with a special pass and they’re not that busy, even in the height of summer.

The Augusteum at Cartagena. Bad quality photo as this was taken pre-DSLR and also underground (of course)

Long story short, we have decided on Italy. I don’t want it to sound like the boring choice though! There is so much to see there – last time I went I particularly loved Ostia, though I did feel guilty clambering over some of the ruins there. As my hod bypassed some of the correct channels for organising trips last trip he did, we are both learning new things about organising a trip at this school! The point we have reached now is organising with Hellene travel and submitting a proposed budget to the bursar…the cost has come out quite high but I hope it will still be a popular trip. I mentioned it to my year 10s already and they are excited about it.

What kind of Classical tours do you take your pupils on? Are there any other destinations worth considering for the future?

Wish me luck with the budget!