Greetings to all Classicists and neoclassicists and welcome to my new blog, chronicling the life and times of a fairly-new Classics teacher, and the trials and tribulations encountered.

How many clichés does it take to start a blog? Well,

Roma die uno non aedificata est

I am by no means a writer but I have found it immensely useful to talk to other people about their teaching experience in what is currently quite a closed-off subject – what I mean is that as a group of subjects under one umbrella, in a different way to MFL, we face many problems that cannot be solved easily by, say, the senior management team (as much as they would like).

WARNING: Mission statement approaching

I am not complaining about the diversity that Classics offers, and am the first in line to extol this as its number one virtue. However it can be difficult to deal with at times, and so I have started this blog as a way for me to deal with things, and hopefully for others to consider ways of working around some of the issues one can face. Sharing is one of the most vital parts of teaching.

I also want this blog to reflect my passion for my subject and so from time to time I will discuss  topics/sites/videos etc that have interested me recently.

I hope you enjoy reading! Please comment below!

p.s. yes I will change the colosseum picture at some point to something marginally less obvious and significantly more deep and meaningful